Sunday Sabbatical: New Year Transformations

Are you fed up of goal-setting and New Year resolutions? Are you aching to hashtag live your best life but have no idea what’s blocking you or how to manifest it into your reality?

My God(dess) we’ve been there!

Is your soul yearning for something different? Something… lighter?

Let’s forget “goals” all together!


We invite you to join us in Chester for our Sunday Sabbatical: New Year Transformations workshop… a nourishing day of reflection, visioning, block-busting, and endless possibility. Doesn’t that sound just delicious?!


Sunday 12th January 2020
9:30am – 4pm

The Goddess Collective
96 Northgate Street, Chester, CH1 2HT


There’s been a lot going on over the last few months and years in preparation for this new year, 2020, and the positive energy it brings with it. Have you felt it – all that life-cleansing that’s been going on? Yep, us too! And it wasn’t always an easy ride… amiright?!

Now we’re beginning a new year and a whole new decade.

Early-bird price: £97.00
Full price : £127.00
(early-bird price available until midnight GMT 30th November 2019)


Just take a look at all of this amazing energy 2020 is bring to us…

20/20 is perfect vision… this is a great time to create your life vision with clarity.

In Numerology, 2020 represents the number 22, which is the Master Builder number. In a nutshell, this means that there is extra energy and momentum for us to build and create in our lives over the coming year. Of course, blocks and limiting beliefs can still get in the way, and what we create depends on the vision we have in our sights. Creating our clear vision now, for the year ahead (and beyond) will enable us to get on this trajectory of abundance.

On 12th January a rare occurrence is happening in the skies – Saturn and Pluto are coming conjunct (they’re “meeting” at the same point in same astrological sign). This only happens three times in a century, so is a big deal. Again in a nutshell, what this means is that Saturn, the ruler of our big goals and long-term ambitions is cosying-up with Pluto, the planet of transformation… hello new year transformations!

With all of that supporting energy, what else is possible now?


A brief overview of the day…

Nourish your body for winter with a herbal infusion created specially for the day by Sami
Reflect on 2019 through a group coaching session lead by Denise
Delve deeper into your unconscious mind to unearth limiting beliefs with Soul Writing session lead by Jude
Use simple Access tools to transform blocks into possibilities
Create your 20/20 vision for 2020… and discover how to bring that vision into reality
Nurture yourself with a natural facial and receive a TRY ME Selection Box of Freyaluna skincare products to take home with you


You will have access to all three of us for the whole dayhow does it get any better than that?


Alchemist, herbalist, apothecary, mentor… and Goddess


Writer, creator, energy worker, coach… and Goddess


Magician, energy maven, life coach with a difference… and Goddess

Early-bird price: £97.00
Full price : £127.00
(early-bird price available until midnight GMT 30th November 2019)


Goddess, we have created this day to support and inspire you – mind, body and soul.

If you are looking for a different way to start the year, this is for you.
If you’re ready to leave the new-year guilt and self-hate behind, this is for you.
If you want to start your year with intention and awareness, this is for you.
Whether you’re employed, self-employed, a parent, or not… whether you want to achieve success in your career or in your personal life… this is for you.
If you are ready to create your hashtag best life in your own way and on your own terms, this is for you.


Your beautiful self, an open mind, a notebook and pen, and wear comfortable clothes.

Early-bird price: £97.00
Full price : £127.00
(early-bird price available until midnight GMT 30th November 2019)

Beautiful Goddess, we would absolutely love you to be part of the magic of this day… but if this feels like a no or you decide it’s not the right time, that’s totally cool, too.