House of Vesta: a Wild Woman Empowerment Circle (Red Tent)

Moon magic and Wild Woman wisdom… need we say more?

At House of Vesta new moon gatherings, we sit in circle and share our stories… we talk, share, laugh, cry and bare witness. We use the energy of the new moon to let go and begin again, setting intentions and promises for the month ahead.

As women, we are the essence of life. And, often, we are the centre of many people’s lives – as mother, wife, and home-maker. And even if you’re unmarried and don’t have children, there are many people relying on you and many demands put upon you – friends, family, career… the list could go on.

And where are YOU in all of this? House of Vesta – named after the Roman Goddess of hospitality, friendship and comfort – is a safe space for you to care for your needs.

Are you ready to be EMPOWERED?

Are you ready to empower YOURSELF (and support others in their empowerment)? 

House of Vesta Red Tent gatherings are held on a Wednesday evening every month, to coincide with each new moon. Please bring a cushion to sit on. This circle can accommodate up to 12 women.


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