Using a unique combination of skills my target is to get you out of your limiting story and beliefs and into creating your brilliant, empowered body, life and living using a combination of tools and techniques, in particular those of Access Consciousness.

In my original career as a nurse I realised how much I enjoyed nursing woman, when other nurses didn’t. As a woman myself I get you, your health and wellness concerns, being pregnant, or not, career and business andĀ the conflicts and judgements this may create in your life. I spent many years living in the wrongness of me and the choices I made until I found Access Consciousness and began to ask questions the Access way and discovered how I could be a contribution to other women.

Now I love every minute of living magical on this planet and wish you ease, joy, glory and above all empowerment to be the most potent version of you it is possible for you to be.

Denise Oliver

Deva Empowerment and The Goddess Collective