ASK – Living as the question

In Access Consciousness we are encouraged to live as the question. To be the question.

We are encouraged to pay attention to our awareness’s rather than seek an answer, that thing that may solidify what shows up as though there is no other way.

If questions had not been asked throughout all centuries we would still see the Earth as flat, the seas would never have been sailed, aeroplanes would not be taking us across the world and so much more.

In Access the very first question we are taught to ask is this one, “How does it get any better than this?®”. This question is asked when we are experiencing challenging situations and also when we are having an amazing experience.

For a challenging situation you may agree that asking ‘How does it get any better than this?’ sounds like a very useful thing to ask, after all changing something we consider undesirable, getting caught in traffic as an example, then this question appears relevant.

It’s when we have great times, a fantastic holiday for instance, it may sound counter intuitive to ask, ‘How does it get any better than this?’, after all you’ve had a great holiday. The purpose of this is to let the universe know that you are open to having at the very least the same level of awesome as you’ve just experienced and where possible even better.

How BIG is Your ask?

Is your ask big enough?  If not then what is the wildest thing you could ask for?

If you stopped pretending and playing small how BIG would your ask be?

In Access Consciousness we recommend eliminating the word want from our vocabulary and instead when it comes to asking a question instead of saying “I want”, we say “I am asking for …”. For example you may be saying “I want more money”. This way of saying this is the same as saying “I lack more money”. On the other hand “I am asking for more money”, lets the universe know in know uncertain terms that you are asking for more money.

Often we ask for things based on the points of view of this reality, our family and actually anyone other than ourselves. Something else we do is look for the ‘right’ question to ask. if you are doing this then looking for the right thing is based on some sort of judgement or conclusion.

What if there was nothing bad to ask for? What if your ask doesn’t have to be perfect? What if instead of looking for solutions to solve your perceived problems you asked a question instead? A question  that is filled with curiosity about what is truly possible?  And then asking with enthusiasm and excitement.

What has you bouncing with enthusiasm? What makes you come alive? What would it take for you to choose the greatness of you?

Write down everything that you can think of to currently ask for with a sense of fun and enthusiasm. Go beyond the things you desire, e.g. a car, a yacht, a holiday etc.,  and write about you. What would you like to have? from my own list of when I first did this where, more confidence, less judgement of my body, to stop making myself wrong etc. Be aware of all your points of view about what you ‘should’ ask for and the limitations this can create. Write beyond your limitations. Reach for the stars.

Once you have created your list go down it and ask, “What would be the most fun for me to choose right now?” Know that whatever you are asking for exists. All you have to do is ask. And ask again and again and again. There is a world of infinite possibilities waiting for your questions. What would it take for you to be happy asking for what you truly desire?

How does it get any better than this?

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