The Goddess Collective Launch

Unless you’ve been under a rock we had the official Goddess Collective launch party last weekend.  It was a chance for the three of us to be in our new space for a whole weekend and share it with some of you. 
We have so many plans for 2020 and we gave a taster of them this weekend. 

It is always a worry when you open up the door to the public without tickets or firm confirmation that someone is coming. Were we going to be on our own all weekend? Would anyone turn up? Would our events be well received? Would any one actually want their Bars® run? 

It is safe to say that the weekend was a storming success! More people turned up than we expected, some friends to show their support and others we had never met. Each was welcomed with opened arms a cup of tea in our fabulous “I AM GODDESS” mugs. We laughed, a lot, we introduced people to Access Bars®, we launched our first Sunday Sabbatical event, which was meant with incredible enthusiasm. You can find out more about it here

We also gave a sneaky peak of the books coming up for 2020 in The Goddess Book Club  the first 6 of which will be revealed on Saturday 16th November. 

During the weekend we also had some of Sami’s amazing Freyaluna products for sampling and ordering in time for Christmas! If you haven’t sampled them yet you really need to! 100% natural skincare that leaves you feeling radiant, nourished, and extra special! 

We can not thank those of you who came out in the rain to see us enough. The support blew us away, we are so excited to launch everything properly in the next few days. 


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