She remebered who she was and the game changed

Change your game

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

Based in the centre of Chester on Northgate Street, opposite Storyhouse, we are a hub for holistic practitioners and individuals who are looking for alternatives ways to deal with the stress and strain of every day life.

Taking time out for yourself is more than visiting a spa once every few months to spend an hour relaxing. It is about learning to listen to your body, to your soul and giving yourself.
Offering a wide variety of courses and monthly meetings to help you feel more empowered and confident as the amazing woman you are.

You can join in monthly moon circles, including Chester's only Red Tent Event - House of Vesta, and Cacao Ceremonies. Expand your literary tastes with our monthly Goddess Empowerment Book Club.
You can join in monthly mastermind sessions to help further you in your business. Get to know like minded people at monthly coffee mornings. Have your Access Bars run either at our monthly gift and receive events or book in for a private session.

You can also join the fun with our quarterly self care days that incorporate various aspects of what we do.

The Goddesses